This year, Catherine André and Delphine Dupas David, imagined an aerial-themed shop windows.

Lightness above all for this Spring-Summer 2018 collection, ruled by the sign of the kite, the same that goes up into the sky and play in the hot wind of a summer afternoon.

To create the decorative items, Catherine and Delphine picked up, not only the colours but also the designs of the collection and played around, tried matches, superimposed, to remake a kind of big strip of patterns.

The shop windows has been conceive in the way of a piece of textile.

After several collages and assemblages of various mockups, Delphine leaves for a while her job as stylist and textile designer, to build those flying things. Scissors, glue, silk papers, for its transparency and lightness, balsa wood and strings... are doing wonders into her hands.
All those captured little kites have been transformed into mobile friezes.


The team checks some last montages at the studio of the maison Catherine André, before packing and install them in the parisian boutiques.
Et voilà !

Have a look at the Spring-Summer 2018 catalog.

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