Autumn-Winter 2017-18

A Bohemian creature is prowling around Autumn Winter 2017 collection,
spreading gypsy chimeric images, signs and symbols over it.
Like the Gypsies who has been wandering from Rajasthan to Egypt,
their motherland, carrying their memories with them,
she has been wandering towards us, despite space and time.
Like a rhapsode, she is collecting ancestral rites,
romantic tales and flamenco songs.
She is intoning Blaise Cendrars’ wild, epic and fantasy poems
in a tidy cacophony of lights and shadows.
She can read the deep and fiery colours of her life
into the cards of Tarot de Marseille.

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Busena Terrace, Okinawa


A fashion show organized by the Busena Terrace Hotel in Okinawa, stages some outfits of the 2017 winter collection...

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Devilish Poetry, Autumn-Winter 2017 collection