Autumn-Winter 2016-17

Miscellaneous inspirations not related to each other but making sense altogether and finding their own balance and space of time…
Like a jigsaw revealing its meaning once its pieces are put together.
Fractals of ice crystals which are endlessly metamorphosing, breaking down and then gathering again.
Exceptional, multi talented, real or imaginary characters like Lafcadio Hearn, Lee Miller, Nellie Bly, Phileas Fogg…have been invading the collection scenario.
They were rootless and ever changing travelers.
Our muse is one of  them.
She is frail, lonely but also adventurous, fearless and irreproachable, irresistibly social but bizarre and mischievous.
The story takes place in a deserted and sleeping nature with fantasy landscapes lying under diffracted “chiaroscuro” lights.