Spring-Summer 2019

Implanted into the oceans, like mangroves, in the middle of nowhere… outremer.
Eternal symbols of paradise, of travels, terrae incognitae, and archipelagos where foreign and remote cultures have forever passed by.
The single sound of their name makes one dream: Samoa, Nuku Hiva, Maui, Iriomote, Okinawa!
They aroused so many journeys around the world, so many adventure tales to people like Joshua Slocum, Lafcadio Hearn, Herman Melville…
Over there, everyday life is intertwined with divine and magic, and nature is considered as sacred as in Shun Medoruma’s folktales.
Here is the world where our vagabond is moving, inventing elegant looks for herself while wandering through these red lands which look like nowhere else.

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Textile wanderings around the islands


Printed Hawaiian shirts have a Japanese origin, due to waves of emigration from Japan and Okinawa to Hawaii. These first Hawaiian shirts...

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Meeting with Akiko Ishigaki


One of my friends in Tokyo had often been talking to me about Mrs Ishigaki, textile designer who used to develop unique fabrics for issey Miyake...

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