Autumn-Winter 2019-20

This collection has been gathering its vocabulary at the dawn of the XXth century from Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt’s works. But also in London from Arts & Crafts movement and artists such as Duncan Grant, Vanessa Bell, Roger Fry and Virginia Woolf who created Bloomsbury and Omega groups.
For months, it has been living on scraps of texts, all sorts of images, colours and textures to build the framework of its own story with the graphic and stylistic codes necessary to its wardrobe to be able to finally crystallize.
But once the collection was shot at Chateau de Bournazel, it met Renaissance and came to life as if by magic. In the secret of carefully restored halls, stamped by the past, the paintings and tapestries are reviving the history of this marvelous place and making us travel through time.
Then it goes on moving forward on its own while assuming a baroque look with androgynous and careless silhouettes. Eras and motifs are superimposed and intermingled like in a palimpsest…
One could even see Virginia Woolf daydreaming in an armchair beside Lord Byron, carelessly standing by a window, in his knit riding coat…

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