Once the collection has started, there was this graceful couple in striped swimsuits. They are diving. The stripes are swinging and interlacing under the water. Ripples are overlapping and coming together. The liquid surface is structuring and tinged with the reflection of Barillet’s stained-glass windows. We are at Villa Noailles, designed by Mallet Stevens in 1925.

I also gathered René Lacoste’s tennis stripe to outline with simplicity and efficiency.

Finally, while dealing with technical breaches and impossible developments, the language of my collection got lost and slipped from my mind. The idea of the lines sank and it is my turn to float.

Then, I clang to movement, to kinetic art, to Ani Albers and Sonia Delaunay’s works, to the Noailles couple’s style and to Lee Miller’s elegance.

Focus back to the motif on a backdrop of hypnotic and tonic colors…

Work on the screen … zooming, extrapolating , warping , overlaying….to the final blooming.

And there, as “a throw of a dice will never abolish chance”*, I found the strand again.

 * »Le Mystère du Château de Dé » shot by Man Ray at Villa Noailles in 1929.

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