Catherine André Fashion House

A story hanging by a thread. A woven tale filled with journeys and adventures, stories and new encounters, knitted dreams. At her beginnings, Catherine was carried away by the gentle pace of Ireland’s insular counties and virgin lands… Surrounded by the various landscapes as they unfold their changing hues with the rhythm of light, she sets free a flow of colorful notes that bare her artistic and colorist soul…

A never ceasing creation is the secret alchemy to all this. Having no particular attachments other than to work and to tenacity, it is my unbiased openness to the world that has attracted people abroad and made it possible for every woman, whether from Aveyron, Paris, Japan, America, Italy, Russia or Saudi Arabia… to wear my creations and identify herself in them. Stitch work has its story, universal and timeless… Its storyteller, Catherine André…

Throughout her nomadic wanders, she loses herself to the secrets of wool workshops and to their wonderful treasures. It is the cherished memory of the richness of human contacts, of the different cultures encountered and of daily discoveries that will be a continuous source of inspiration for her creations, veritable “tales to wear”.

Each piece is like one page of a novel, carefully numbered and unique, a limited edition artfully pieced together in a book and placed on a shelf.
A mix of genres with unexpected contrasts, with historical and musical allusions: the collections are harmoniously linked together and overcome the notion of seasons with singularity and style.

In 1995, Catherine magically founds her own House and creativity and quality become the very foundations of the various confections. Her collections charm the viewer with their timeless lines and unique Catherine André jacquards. A true craft enhanced by the detailed choices of color, fabric and volume, blending mastery and emotion at the same time.

« A unique aesthetic experience tuned to colors, this renaissance or baroque art is not minor, indeed it shall play among the greats » D.Grenier, department of History, Laval University, Quebec

Over the years, the brand’s French expertise and creative world have made it possible for Catherine André to become a high-end fashion designer.
Catherine André boutiques offer a genuine and reassuring relationship in an intimate, warm and friendly setting. The articles made in French workshops continue their journey all across the world. The collection invites women to share in its story and to take part in its adventures


The Catherine André collections are like an indoor landscape where nature and civilisations walk on the same path. Clothes become poetic fragments, music sheet, invitation to travel, in which each woman prints her steps.


Catherine working at the studio - Photos by Robin H. Davies

To know more about the creation process, have a look at some insights in this short documentary about the Autumn-Winter collection 2017

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