Automne-Hiver 2021-22

« C’est le propre de longs voyages que d’en ramener tout autre chose que ce qu’on est allé y chercher » Nicolas Bouvier
The twists and turns of a collection make us travel and its outcome is always unexpected.
After having been dreaming and wandering in search of the first outlines of AW2021 collection, my imagination escaped to an island among the most remote ones in the Outer Hebrides, where a friend of mine is restoring an ancient estate.
This is where the collection finally landed on and took its roots.
How wonderful it was, to follow the restoration of this house, of its history and to understand the vestiges left by inhabitants after centuries and heraldry of the clans fading under successive wall paints and renders, like a palimpsest!
… something to feed and bring the vocabulary of the collection to life.
How delightful it was to dive into the dissonant lights and textures of this powerful nature!
The intense blue sea of Scotland, the strident green pasturelands, the thick brown peat and vivid gold lichens then became the first pillars of the color palette.
Here is Winter 2021!

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