Michel & Sebastien reveal an extraordinary space with an unforgettable vue. They offer you a look into their unique cooking style, defined by grains, by weaving a link with the history of the building, a former granary for the city of Paris.

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The Bourse de commerce-Pinault collection

La Halle aux grains is a place inhabited by the breath of the Bras family. Michel and Sébastien
Bras have imagined a place that has « a soul », filled with attention at all times. This space suspended in the sky with a breathtaking views, inside, the work of Tadao Ando and the painted decor of 1889. It also opens up a new view of Paris that skims over the church of Saint-Eustache, flies over the Canopée des Halles and wanders towards the Centre Pompidou and, beyond, towards the roofs of the Capital. It has a strong personality affirmed by the subtle design of Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec.

Rich with imagination drawn from the Aubrac and le végétal, the cooks from Laguiole wish to bring to the Halle aux grains a cuisine in which grains, seeds, seeds from all countries and all families, legumes, cereals, oilseeds, umbellifers, will bring their tone.

The chefs also wished to link their desires with those of French designers and manufacturers for the realization of the graphic design, elements of tableware, the Laguiole knife, outfits, jewelry, accessories, and kitchen linen.

(source : Press Release Halle aux grains by Benjamin Girard)

That’s why Michel and Sebastien Bras called on Catherine André…

All our collections hang together around a story and a dress code which are leading to specific textures, colors and style, giving meaning to the outfits of the season.

We currently work the same way when we are dealing with external collaborations as for Musée Soulages in Rodez: when designing the uniforms for the staff, we try to make knitting techniques and designs fit together with architecture and people.


Photo : Richard Haughton

When Michel Bras asked Catherine André to take care of the clothing project, it obviously mattered to make the connection between the history of the place, its original function as Paris granary and the architectural rebirth  (Tadao Ando, Agence NeM & P.A. Gatier) conceived to welcome Pinault collection and Michel Bras restaurant and philosophy.

Photo : Richard Haughton

Our regular meetings, visits on the work site and our search for iconographic documents guided our choice towards :

  • A pair of simple but elegant raw jeans cut in 100% hemp land inspired from the original work pants made by Tuffery in Florac since the 19th century. We just modified the pockets and cancelled all stitching to give it a more formal look. Its leather label is black and labelled.

  • The shirt looks more like a blouse and is a hint at the one worn by the servants from the Halle area at the time of the granary. It is cut in a deep blue, heavy and glowing cotton/polyester. A fold on the front and the back, gives it a nice fullness. A flock of seed-like buttons exclusively designed for this blouse are fastening the officer collar and wrists of the ¾ sleeves.

Photo : Richard Haughton

Photos opposite and above:
Richard Haughton

  • The chef apron has been designed at Catherine André studio in Millau for Michel Bras and then woven at Tissage Moutet in Orthez in a structured stripe. The interplay of warp and wept structures and the stripes are evoking the furrows on a land, the grain gruels with so diverse textures and the grain of old textiles. The color palette is matching to interior design (Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec) of the dining room with neutral and cold tones with hints of colored black.

  • The 100% knitwear receptionist’s outfit has been chosen among the permanent styles of our collections. It consists of a billowing short sleeved top and a long pleated skirt, both knitted in a metalized beige viscose/polyester mix. The soft knit and sun-ray pleating of the skirt is giving a flowing elegance to the walk. All styles are made in France in Le Puy en Velay.



Photos opposite and above:
Richard Haughton

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The team: la Halle aux grains and Catherine André's studio