Every year the creative team of the Catherine André fashion house creates the imaginary universe that decorates its shop windows located in Paris and Ghent.

The Autumn-Winter 2018-19 collection takes us into the birch forests, fantastic places where a lot of Russian tales take place, like those richly illustrated by Ivan Bibiline. In Catherine André shops, birch trees are decorated with butterflies clouds, probably escaped from a collection of Nabokov.

In this interpretation, the white and black birches become graphic stripes, punctuated by the shimmering spots of butterflies.


Once the models are validated by Catherine André, Delphine Dupas David - stylist & textile designer - prepares a "homemade brush" based on pine spines to draw or create a trace, as irregular and random as possible, that figures this birch bark.


Delphine paints large black streaks on a light cardboard. She lets dry. Then, assisted by Gabrielle Calmet - graphic designer - they cut out the forms of birch. The studio quickly turns into a sawmill! These are about seventy trunks of trees that were made in a few hours.

Butterflies fly here and there on this winter collection. We find them printed on the skirt and shirt of the Babayaga theme, or knitted in intarsia and cornely embroidered on the Anna T-shirts and Myth sweaters, not to mention the accessories.

The butterflies that animate the windows were first line drawn, then watercolored to be printed on both sides of a rigid paper and finally be cut by hand.

The cardboard birches were transported with great care, from Millau (situated in the south of France), to be hung in the windows of the Parisian shops.

As the forest comes alive with all these butterflies pinned on the trees, it's up to the silhouettes of the collection to populate this staging.

Have a look at the Autumn-Winter 2018-19 catalog.

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