The 4th of November in Japan, the Busena Terrace Okinawa Hotel stages some outfits of the 2017 winter collection. This show, organized for its 20th anniversary, presents some bold and creative silhouettes, offering a fresh interpretation of Catherine André's european gypsis. A way to make the brand their own and breathe at those garments, an other spirit.


Photos : 1 - Shirt Django, Kimono Rhapso, Skirt Dolores - 2 - Dress Lulu, Coat Whist, Gloves Canasta - 3 - Pull Lulu, Skirt Rosie, Scarf Rhapso
4 - Cardigan Blaise, Skirt Damask, Scarf Blaise - 5 - Striped Sweater Skat, Open Coat Rami, Carott Pants Eugénie - 6 - Turtleneck Sweater Skat, Bolero Duende, Trousers Eugénie, Bag Duende, Scarf Rami, Belt Klong
7 - Striped Sweater Skat, Top Air, Skirt Damask, Scarf Selene - 8 - Dress Whist, Jacket Duende, Hand bag Klong - 9 - Turtleneck Sweater Skat, Jacket Rami, Long Skirt Lulu
On top : Sweater Alicia, Open Coat Blaise, Carott Pants Eugénie


Catherine André has a special and longstanding relationship with this region. As a matter of fact, the french designer presented her very first collections in the archipelago and comes for years, to meet her customers and accomplices of Okinawa.

View the Autumn-Winter 2017 catalog.