The patterns and colors of the Spring-Summer 2019 collection are echoing the Pacific and Oceania islands, it went without saying that the decoration of the windows would come from the same sources.

This is how Catherine André and Delphine Dupas David imagined this atmosphere, called "indigo jungle". A name full of promises for an incursion into the lush vegetation that turned our shops into a kind of jungle or mangrove.

The color of foliage, composed of rich shades of indigo that cover the spectrum from purple to green, is a reminder of this dye present throughout Southeast Asia.


Once the set theme is defined, Delphine sketches a series of palms and leaves more or less imagined.

After the shapes selection, it's the tracer’s turn to take action. Myriam, the pattern maker, programs the computer of the machine that usually serves to cut our patterns, to make this time the future vegetation out of the kraft paperboard.

With the help of Gabrielle and equipped with large inked brushes, Delphine dyes the cardboard foliage in different shades of indigo.


After the drying, the team makes an arrangement test, final stage done at the Catherine André’s studio before packaging and doing the installation in the Parisian boutiques.

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