Catherine André, Devilish Poetry Autumn Winter 2017 - Watch full screen video with english subtitles - View the collection catalogue

A Bohemian creature is prowling around
Autumn Winter 2017 collection,
spreading gypsy chimeric images,
signs and symbols over it.
Like the Gypsies who has been wandering
from Rajasthan to Egypt, their motherland,
carrying their memories with them,
she has been wandering towards us,
despite space and time.
Like a rhapsode,
she is collecting ancestral rites,
romantic tales and flamenco songs.
She is intoning Blaise Cendrars’ wild,
epic and fantasy poems in a tidy cacophony
of lights and shadows.
She can read the deep and fiery colours of her life
into the cards of Tarot de Marseille.

High-end designer brand specialised in knitwear, Catherine André is recognisable for her identity and her history but most of all, for her work with knits, colours and styles.

Since 1995, Catherine André has been building a creative and poetic universe with lights and colours making timeless jacquards and exclusive prints, with an everlasting care for details.

In this way, the design studio (located in Millau) is endowed with a peculiar expertise mixing traditional and innovative stitchwork with fabrics in order to create her very own “texture”.

Every season, this expertise conveys another story, another journey to give birth to more than 200 exclusive models per year. Every season, the collection has its own scenario following a cultural creative route that gives the clothes a meaning and makes them alive: which is one of the brand’s particularities.

The high-end positioning of the brand requires a specific attention to the quality of fabrics and finishings, as well as for the quality of the work carried out with manufacturers. It is because of this demand for quality and partnership that the brand has chosen to take upon itself 80% to 90% of its production in France.

Catherine André’s clothes are designed for women who wants to get off the fashion’s beaten track to express their own intelligence and emotional sensibility. That is why they root a deep emotional bond with the brand. Catherine André opened five flagship shops (Paris, Millau, Gent) as well as one online shop. The brand have a network of multi-label retailers (up to 250 points of sales in 20 countries, particularly in Japan).

Catherine André is also a team of twenty-five persons with 3.5 million euros turnover in 2016. These are elements of its success in France as well as abroad.