The Autumn Winter 21/22 setting takes us to the isle of Coll in the Outer Hebrides. It tells the story of a mansion in restoration, on a land hit by the winds and surrounded by waves where sailing boats come to life. A universe made of earth and sea as an appeal to go away and dream.






Each year, homemade scenery inhabits our shop windows in Paris, Ghent and now Rodez. As ephemeral reflections of the collection, it must however be strong enough to last throughout the season without damage.

This winter, Catherine André is offering an imaginary journey just born out of old bound books where pages are bristling with grass, trees and fantastic houses through which we catch a glimpse of strange figures, Scottish outfits and other items illuminated by a set of tiny led bulbs.While other books make sailing boats burst out of rough waves.







In this staging, where books and journey are intimately linked, Delphine Dupas-David, designer at Catherine André studio, exploited this material in all its forms.

She first glued the pages onto cardboard. Then she cut and assembled them to create the tough bases of the houses, boats and other units of the landscapes.






She used bound covers as roofs for houses, folds and macrame as sails and nets for boats. Finally, each scene is fixed on an open book as a base.

Some scenes are hanging above the mannequins, like ideas floating into the head. Others are open books from which stories are escaping, simply placed or hung in the shop window foreground.



Making of photographies by Catherine André
and Delphine Dupas David

The coming of the sceneries aroused some reactions in our boutiques. One of which came from Nadège, manager of the newly opened boutique in Rodez, who sees "a poetic boat trip, made up of destinations that are neither quite realistic nor quite imaginary to awaken to life or dreams to be achieved. Travelling is like wearing foolish clothes, leaving home, trying to be different but also willing to come back to enjoy litlle nothings from home, but it is also waiting to do it again.
Light thoughts, the importance of clearing one’s mind... an empty house like a head, always lit with a soft light because sweetness soothes the soul. When you go on a trip with this bag full with essentials, you enjoy feeling empty and nimble."


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